Gazelle Edge Review: Best Exercise Machine for Cardiovascular Performance

Summary: The Gazelle Edge is a gliding machine dedicated to giving you a low-impact aerobic workout, improving your cardiovascular system, and burning the unwanted calories that have started to build up within your system.

The Gazelle Edge is a gliding machine dedicated to giving you a low-impact aerobic workout, improving your cardiovascular system, and burning the unwanted calories that have started to build up within your system. Offering a smooth experience and quiet usage, the Gazelle is ideal for all ages and all fitness levels, allowing users to move gradually from a slow walk into a full run without any discomfort or sudden stops. The one and a half-inch steel construction is capable of holding anywhere up to 250 pounds, and it can also fold away so that you can store it when it isn’t in use.

Gazelle Edge ReviewGazelle Edge review

Offering a fantastic range of motion, the Gazelle edge allows users to move gracefully from a walk to a run as they build upon their workout routine. A high-performance glider, it facilitates exercise that improves cardiovascular performance and is incredibly easy to use, with five workout functions to choose from, all of which the computer tracks through distance, speed and time. The high-density foam handlebars and extra wide foot platforms with non-skid technology ensure a smooth easy workout.


The Gazelle Edge is here to help people tone their muscles, improve their cardiovascular endurance, and burn calories by the thousand. Ideal for use regardless of your fitness level, whether you’ve just gotten started into exercise or have been working out for years, the motion levels allow you to switch seamlessly between walking and running, with no pressure on your joints. This means that the workout is designed to challenge you, but it won’t do any damage to your knees. The simple on-board computer delivers immediate feedback regarding the calories you’ve burned, the distance you’ve travelled, the speed you have achieved and time you have been working out for, and because the machine is foldable, all you need to do is pick it up and slide it away when you’re done.


  • Can be folded down for easy storage
  • Great motion levels for a smooth transition
  • Easy to use an on-board computer
  • Comfortable workout
  • Immediate feedback
  • Ideal for any age or fitness level
  • Non-skid wide platforms for stability


  • Can begin to squeak
  • When folding the pedals hang, making it a little difficult to manoeuvre
  • The calorie counter can experience problems

Customers Reviews

People who already own the Gazelle Edge are often very satisfied with the results the machine can give. They find the glider to be particularly fun, easy to use and incredibly effective, especially considering its relatively small price-tag. When it arrives it is already mostly assembled, all that you will have to do is add the on-board computer and handlebars. The chances are if it is your first time using a glider machine you may find it a bit complex in the beginning. All it will be smooth, you will have to take some time to find your balance, however, once you get into the swing of things, you can start really having fun.

For the price, you get this machine at, the design itself is surprisingly solid, the steel tubing of the frame is over an inch in diameter and it is incredibly sturdy on the carpet, regardless of your weight. Although it isn’t exactly light-weight, it can also be folded up for storage which makes it all the more appealing, as it can be simply tucked away when not in use.

Warranties and Maintenance

The warranty for this machine includes ninety days of labour and replacement parts, however, you can contact the manufacturer if you have any support or warranty based issues that you may need to discuss before or after purchase.


I found the Gazelle Edge to be a particularly effective, useful little machine that definitely does the job it is intended for. It gave me the workout I was looking for without any unnecessary strains and provides a great exercise accessory for a reasonably low price. I was left feeling highly satisfied, and once I got into the habit and figured out what I was doing, I had a great amount of fun with this nifty machine. I was also particularly impressed by the way, it could fold up and store away because I don’t have a huge amount of free space at home.

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